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Steve Brown

Steve Brown was born in Chepstow in the UK in 1943. After leaving school, he went on to work for the BBC in the sound department. However, for most of his professional life, he worked for himself in the...

Rafael Farriols. Cim d'Àligues JUANMA RAMOS
Director of Cim d'àligues

Rafael Farriols

Sant Feliu de Codines is home to Spain's only environmental educational centre specialising in birds of prey. Its main objective is to educate the public in the characteristics and peculiarities of these...

Joan Abad. Organic farmer. LLUÍS SERRAT
organic farmer

Joan Abad

With the change of the millenium, Joan Abad decided to make a radical change in his life, which up until then had been a very urban one, and tried his hand at organic gardening. He chose a place far away...


Caspar, actor

Escapade Theatre returns to Barcelona with the celebrated English comedy Dinner for One. Caspar, the protagonist, showed us around at Teatre Tantarantana.1. Wooden Mushroom. This possession belonged to...

Photo: Lluís Serrat

Iolanda Bustos

Flowers are already part of our diet; we are all familiar with broccoli, artichokes, and cauliflower, rose petal jam or squash flowers tempura. But have you ever tried elderflower champagne or the highly...

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