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Neus Hosta & David Ventura


Bradley Ainsworth ELISABETH MAGRE

Bradley Ainsworth

Chef and entrepreneur

La Fàbrica PHOTO: Quim Puig

Amber Meier

Co-owner of La Fabrica cyclo café in Girona

Four goals keep FC Barcelona on track in race for title

With eight games remaining in this season's league, it is vital that Barça stay on track with a cushion between the club and arch-rivals Real Madrid. This they did last night with a comfortable four-goal...


Gaudys Galea

Owner of Barcelonines

Fish brook Imma Gibert
Craftswoman jeweller

Imma Gibert

Imma began studying the craft of jewellery in the mid-70s and for years taught at Barcelona's jewellery exchange school. Her studio is filled with tools, machines and small objects, each with a story....


Frederic Girós

Self-taught, Frederic has practiced the art of xylography, or woodcutting, since 1999 and is recognised as an artisan by the Generalitat de Catalunya. He has made around 200 xylographs, including bookplates...

Yoko Kataoka. Illustrator and Print Maker Manel Lladó
Illustrator and print maker

Yoko Kataoka

Yoko has loved nature and drawing since her childhood and as time moved on, this passion brought her to live in a small village near Besalú. The journey began when she left her native Tokyo at the age...

Sarrià de Ter's American football team

The Wolves

Set up six years ago, the Wolves American football club was co-founded by two former players: Enric Sucarrats, who played for the Manresa Bagmonts, and Manel Iribarne, who played for the Barcelona Howlers....

Josep pictured with the Marrecs practising in the background.  JOAN SABATER
President of the Marrecs de Salt Castellers

Josep Masdevall

Josep joined the Marrecs de Salt in 1998, just two years after the casteller group was founded. As the president of the Marrecs, he is in charge of representing the group and ensuring its good functioning....