Micromobility on the RISE

The recent Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona saw 700 cities looking for solutions to future challenges like mobility. Automaker Seat was there with new electric vehicles designed for individuals and urban sharing

Interview with the devil

On November 24, 1923, ’La Veu de Catalunya’ published an interview that its correspondent in Germany, Eugeni Xammar, conducted with the future ’Führer’, Adolf Hitler

Catalan Winter Olympics: a viable option

The Catalan government is preparing a bid to host the 2030 Games at Catalonia’s Pyrenean ski resorts

€100 million over the last decade

The investment ski resorts have made in the past decade can be split into 58% on snow production systems and 42% on new lifts


Another season is underway, with resorts making big investments and Catalonia’s bid to host the Winter Games

The Catalan coast in retreat

The UN says sea levels will rise up to a metre by 2100, causing Catalonia’s beaches to recede and provoking more frequent flooding of the coastline. The government says it is already preparing measures to tackle the problem

1920. The columns of contention

The four giant columns designed by architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch for the 1929 Universal expo in the Catalan capital were controversial from the first moment. On the following pages, we trace the process surrounding their construction and demolition.

Extracurricular activities under debate

Experts highlight the positive impact on school results and social skills, despite concerns about equal access and the need to offer reasonable prices

The “SLOVENIAN WAY” to independence

Some observers have drawn parallels between the current political situation in Catalonia and Spain, and that of the Eastern European republic’s efforts to break away from the Yugoslav federation in the 1990s. But is the comparison a valid one?

The hardest journey

A record number of 70 million people have been forced to flee their homes in recent years on account of long-term conflicts, persecution and the effects of climate change