2018 Visions of the coming year

Different experts look ahead to the next 12 months and focus on key issues in the fields of business, education, the EU, transport and tourism

2018 Visions of the coming year

Opinion. Economy

Restoring business confidence

The effects on the economy resulting from the recent political instability, among which include more than 3,000 companies relocating their head offices outside Catalonia, have acted as a brake on the progress...


Far from forgotten

This coming year looks as if it will be another 12 months packed full of anniversaries and commemorations, at home in Catalonia but also internationally


Filmoteca’s new season

Ken Loach, Sergi López and the Taviano brothers are some of the big names in cinema that will be featuring at Catalonia’s film archive this year

New Year’s resolutions What are your New Year’s resolutions?

We take a look at how contributors to Catalonia Today and presenters of El Punt Avui TV’s English Hour programmes bid to start 2018

A simple gesture that saves lives

The procedure of giving blood is quick and provides vital help for many people

Enric Contreras
Hospital services director of the Catalan Blood and Tissue Bank

'Healthy people have a civic duty to give blood'

Is Catalonia covered in terms of its blood needs?We generally cover our needs for 1,000 daily donations and we couldn’t say there’s a shortage of blood. We consider a blood reserve for eight days normal,...

The bank of life

Blood is a biological element that expires, which is why donations are needed on a regular basis and not just when there are accidents, catastrophes or attacks. More than 250,000 donations were made in Catalonia last year, but more are needed

Winter has arrived

Barcelona is home to the first exhibition dedicated to the popular series Game of Thrones before its world tour

'The uncertainty stimulates me'

Artist Antoni Llena’s studio in Vallvidrera, with the greenery of Collserola natural park as a backdrop, is the ideal place to give in to one’s creative impulses