The complete icon

World famous US pop artist Andy Warhol is the subject of a new retrospective exhibition of his most emblematic work at CaixaForum

Record investment in biomedicine sector

Companies in the sector obtained €153m in 2016, twice that of the previous year, says a study by CataloniaBio that highlights the growing interest of pharmaceutical firms

Rajoy dissolves parliament and calls December elections

Spanish PM sees difficulties in applying article 155 for medium or long-term occupation of Generalitat and Parliament and opts for immediate solution

Parliament declares the Republic

On October 27, the Catalan chamber lifted the suspension on declaring independence and voted in favour of announcing a new state

Sitges: 50 years old

From October 5 to 15, the cinema festival returns to the seaside town to celebrate five decades devoted to fantasy films

Votes and violence

President Puigdemont calls for European intervention and wants a unilateral declaration of independence by Catalan Parliament

els bastards

A prying and deceptive Naomi Watts

Gypsy tells the story of a psychologist whose personal demons lead her to overstep the boundaries of her profession and involve herself in the private lives of her patients

Warhol versus Dau al Set

Barcelona exhibition season starts with an autumn full of such big-name artists as Brossa, Ponç, Rodin, Picasso, Ramon Pichot, Francesc Torres and Susan Meiselas

A marathon of musicals this autumn

The new production of Cabaret at the Victòria theatre is the season’s big crowd-puller yet many of Barcelona’s smaller venues have an extensive and varied line-up of musical treats

Inspiration in the past

Many of the new season’s film releases look to past Hollywood successes with a host of sequels, prequels, remakes and adaptations