Sharp Objects

HBO’s new dark series adapted from the equally dark novel by Gillian Flynn is well worth the watch

Reading the BRAIN

New technology developed in Catalonia now gives us access to the so-far unknown workings of the human brain and allows feelings to be used to communicate

ENERGY revolution

Catalonia depends on power from abroad, but things are changing with more renewable energy sources

Silver-haired undergraduates

Universities have opened up their classes to the over-50s, with courses designed for the older generation


It’s September, and the beginning of the academic year, a period of transition and change that often feels more transcendental than the start of the new calendar year. To celebrate it, we look at different styles of education


Sounds and wine

Now in its 11th year, the Sons del Món Wine & Music festival has made a name for itself as one of the biggest summer festivals on the Costa Brava. The famous UK pianist and composer Michael Nyman will...


Asian allies

This year’s El Grec Festival has an Asian flavour to it. While this provides a contrast to the festival’s western elements, it also establishes points of contact where the two traditions meet. The...

Open for the holidays

The academic year is over but Catalonia’s universities offer the chance to improve your knowledge in the summer

A healthy obsession

We are surrounded by a never-ending series of trends and fads telling us how we should be eating

MEGACITIES of the future

With the world’s urban population set to keep rising, among the many challenges facing megacities is achieving sustainable and balanced growth. Catalonia’s largest urban centres are aiming to deal with their growing populations by opting to strengthen local neighbourhoods and empowering the citizens who live there