Ruled by the biological clock

A circadian rhythm acts something like an internal timer that determines how our bodies function during a 24-hour period

PICASSO and PICABIA, the false twins

The Mapfre Foundation examines the complex relationship, of almost love and hate, between the two influential artists at its cultural centre in Casa Garriga Nogués in the Catalan capital

A crypt at L’Olivar

Enric Pladevall’s project to create a sculpture park on his estate in Ventalló includes an underground crypt with a thousand year old olive tree that will be open to the public

The decline of the MONARCHIES

The monarchy today is a decadent institution which, without counting those Commonwealth countries which symbolically hold the wearer of the Crown of the United Kingdom as the Head of State, survives mainly...

Sharing Catalan

The Voluntariat per la Llengua programme marks 15 years with an increase in participants

Villages with charm

Pobles amb Encant, an initiative set up by the Catalan Tourism Agency (ACT), aims to identify villages with a special attractiveness in Catalonia. The first villages added to the list were Calella de Palafrugell...

Espanyol back with a bang under Rubi

Presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, this month turns his attention to Espanyol, who have made a vibrant start to the 2018-2019 season under new head coach Rubi

Sharp Objects

HBO’s new dark series adapted from the equally dark novel by Gillian Flynn is well worth the watch

Reading the BRAIN

New technology developed in Catalonia now gives us access to the so-far unknown workings of the human brain and allows feelings to be used to communicate

ENERGY revolution

Catalonia depends on power from abroad, but things are changing with more renewable energy sources