A QUIET CORNER away from the artistic noise

Artist Núria Güell conceives her political art from the calm and tranquility of her studio and home in Vidreres that she shares with her husband and fellow artist, Levi Orta

Miserachs in colour

La Pedrera presents a new retrospective of the great Catalan photographer in an exhibition that goes far beyond his most recognised use of black and white

The centre of Miró’s artistic universe

After a series of funding setbacks, April 20 finally sees the official inauguration of the Mas Miró project to turn the country residence of the great artist Joan Miró in Mont-roig del Camp in Tarragona into a museum

The Republic is here

A new weekly magazine is out at the end of April aiming to consolidate Catalonia’s republican spirit

The cream of the crop

Sport in Catalonia is not all about Barcelona football club. The country also boasts a host of top sports men and women who compete in a broad range of different sporting disciplines

Catalans on TOP of the world

Fewer than 40 mountaineers have climbed the 14 eight-thousanders -or 8,000 metre peaks- on planet Earth. It is one of the most aspired to feats in modern mountaineering, since Italian Reinhold Messner...


Change of strategy for Catalonia

Catalonia ended 2017 having set a new record for numbers of international tourists. In 2018, figures will exceed the 19 million threshold and perhaps even reach the heights of 20 million, as many as Canada...

Industry 4.0

Logistics: Amazon as a paradigm

The technologies used at the end of the last century were what led to the start of the concept that has become known as Industry 4.0. The idea was presented for the first time at the Hanover Industrial...

European Union

EU faces a year of challenges

The European Union represents 500 million people, or 7% of the global population, and produces 25% of the world’s gross domestic product. It also claims to represent the values of peace, democracy, the...


Schooling that helps foster skills

Discussing education on a global level involves and requires an effort to put the challenges facing each society into context. Yet, the actual learning experiences that children go through do not differ...